Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tips on Preventing Dark Underarm

smooth underarm imageDark underarms are very common problem specially in women. That nightmare limit them to wear some of their favorite clothes specially those sleeveless clothing for their own hot fashion style. Also those ugly hairs really worsen the scene.

There are many causes why your underarms get dark. These are:

1. The rubbing of the armpits skin against each other.
2. Friction due to tight blouses and tops that brush against the skin
3. Long term use of deodorants with alcohol or other strong chemicals.
4. Shaving and plucking.
5. Excessive sweating
6. Build up of dead skins
7. Overweight
8. other skin disease like skin asthma

Among the list, the most common cause of darkening of the armpits is the rubbing of it against each other. At this point, friction is really building up in the skin of our armpit that might produce some microscopic bruises that will cause darkening as time passed by. The same thing also happened in rubbing of your clothes against your armpit specially tight blouses and tops. So as much as possible, avoid tight blouses and free your armpit from your clothes and let it loose.

Harmful chemicals such as alcohol might also causes your underarm to get darken. Our skin react from those chemicals which causes some discoloration on it. Too bad some deodorants that we buy in the store contains these substances. So watch out first what you were buying and see if what it is made of specially in buying deodorant.

girl with smooth armpit imageAlso take note of this, every time you shave or pluck, you cause micro abrasions. When healed, these wounds cause darkening. You may not be aware of these, but you can easily confirm it by putting alcohol on your underarms after you pluck or shave. It's going to be very painful because of the abrasions. Shaving and plucking can also cause armpit hair to stand straight up and enlarge hair follicles, making your armpit take on the appearance of chicken skin. I would say that don't do it regularly. As much as possible, go to the dermatologist to solve this problem.

Excessive sweating of your underarm also causes it to become darker. Specially when you didn't clean your underarm right away. Our sweat reacts to the skin and might causes some discoloration reaction in our armpit. Also it contains bacteria and other harmful organism for which it was very harmful in our skin that causes irritation and wounds if not cleaned right away. So wash your armpit regularly to cleans it and get rid off some bacteria away from your skin.

Health issues also serve why our underarms become darker. Extra weight aggravates pigmentation and darkens some areas of the body, including the nape, underarms, and back of the knees. Also skin diseases specially skin asthma might be a big factor too.

Eliminating all the factors causing skin to darken will helps you solve this very common problem. And following those tips really helps you a lot to maintain your white smooth underarm for long period of time. Now you can easily wear your hot fashionable clothes anytime you want without feeling embarrass from others Always remember that patience and discipline is the key to do it properly to achieve the best result that you ever wanted in no time. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

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