Monday, February 18, 2008

Essential Acne Prevention and Treatment Tips

Based on the study by the experts, 90% of all adolescents and almost 25% of all adults were suffering from acne problem regardless of nationality. Actually, acne diminishes over time and tends to disappear, or at least decrease, after one reaches his or her early twenties. But no one really can tell for how long acne will last. For some unfortunate individuals, they might continue to suffer from acne decades later, into their thirties and forties and even beyond.

Acne really a burdensome and might affect a person's life which can cause great deal of embarrassment and stress. A person who's have acnes all around their faces will significantly limit one's social life and some other important miscellaneous activities regarding life improvement. There are many tips in the web right now regarding this topic, i will only site the very important and essential tips on how to treat and prevent acne.

Avoid Being Stress
One of the major factor in acne problem is the buildup of stress in your body. Based on the study, when under stress the body produces hormonal steroids, such as cortisol which promotes acne. I know we cant avoid being stressed but we can do something to lessen the effect of stress in your skin. This is done by stepping up the daily skin care regimen to offset the skin's response to stress. During these times, cleanse very thoroughly, or cleanse three times a day rather than two. When the stressful situation passes, return to the normal daily skin care regimen.

Do Not Squeeze/Scrub Out Your Acne
You will just messing your skin if you do this. You just worsen the effect of acne and there's a big possibilities that it might lead to infections or scarring. Just do a mild and gentle wash on your face with a cleanser for about 2 times a day and don't overdo washing because it might irritate your skin.

Drink Water Regularly
Drink at least 64 ounces or 8 glasses of water a day to help "detoxify" the body from the inside out. It is an essential not only for your skin, but for your overall health as well because water carry waste material out of our body. Regarding skin, if it becomes dehydrated, dead skin cells are not effectively shed, which can lead to blocked pores and further acne.

Watch What Your Eating
I suggest to eat plenty of antioxidants to cleans your skin and to control your acne. Juices from fruits and vegetables are the best source of antioxidant. Also, intakes of some minerals and vitamins like chromium supplement -which will help heal your pimples quickly and prevent future breakouts; Zinc -an antibacterial agent and a necessary element in the oil-producing glands of the skin which can cause acne breakouts; and Vitamin A -strengthens the protective tissue of the skin and helps reduce sebum production which actually prevents acne; will helps reduce and prevent acne from coming. While avoid excessive drinking of coffee and dairy products like milk, butter, etc. because it will stimulates the production of cortisol which promote acne.

Using these tips properly will surely lessen and prevent the promotion of acne. Just be sure to be patience because it's a long term process and cant be done in just a few days. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

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