Sunday, February 17, 2008

Look Younger With Your Hair

I know almost all of us dont want to look old as time passed by. And whatever we do, we cannot stop time and facing the dilemma of aging process.

Aging is a natural phenomena occurred in our body. It was our body's fundamental part of changing which we cannot be stop or modify. It change our behavior and looks as it becomes visible outside our body specially in our skin, face and hair. We all know we cant prevent aging, BUT! We can change and lessen the RESULT of aging. We're not talking about surgery, instead i will give you some useful advice on how to look younger with your hair. Because i believe that hair is one of the major factor why aging is become visible in our looks. A right hairstyle and a right color of the hair will give you much youthful looking appearance than ever.

Tip No.1 - Hide the Gray in your Hair
One of the most visible marks in our body done by aging is the showing up of gray hairs. As we get on 30's above, expect that you will have that problem at that age and will continue and worsening the effect. Get rid off of that problem by adjusting the color of your hair which can be done by dying it or using some products in the market that removes the gray. But i will recommend more to dye it. By doing it, it really cut off years of our age and made us look younger and feel more vibrant.

Tip No.2 – Coloring of the Hair
Hair coloring not only hides your gray hairs, it also make our skin more radiant which accentuate it and can result to a much younger looking person. Use dark colors to hide the grays. I also suggest highlighting your hair. It really makes you look young and more vibrant. Just always remember to choose a color which compliments your skin tone for better result. If you're not sure what you will do, try to go to the experts at the salon and ask them some advice and ideas about your problem.

Tip No3. - Choosing Hairstyle
The style of your hair is really the tricky part here. There are many styles and cuts to choose from. But did you know that a much shorter cuts really makes you look young? Make sure that your hair length is between your chin and your shoulders. Also bangs can help you look young. It can hide your wrinkles in your face and accentuates your eyes. Dont underestimate what a new hairstyle can do to lessen the trace of aging in you.

Combine these tips with a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, and a lot of exercise will surely give you a result that your expecting for. Just be patient and have a discipline in yourself. Looking young can help you improve not only physically, but also psychologically because it also boost your confidence and personality within yourself. Remember, looking good is feeling good. Enjoy!

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