Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tips on Choosing the Right Men's Hat

We all know that hats have many uses in our everyday lives. It can be worn to protect us from elements, for religious reasons, for safety or as a fashion accessory. So now we will focus in a fashion side on wearing hats, specially mens hat.

In the past, men's hats were made to know the particular status symbol in society. Example are the tall stiff top hat worn by aristocrats was seen as a status symbol of wealth. In contrast, women's hats during this time were more similar to a bonnet rather than a hat.

But now hats are worn for functionality or for looking fashionably appealing. Admit it, it is very popular now specially in men. Even I have a bunch of cool hats in our house. You turn on your TV and you see hats all over the place, most artist are wearing them with pride and passion. But be aware that hats can make you a gorgeous man, but at the same time, it can also break your look. So be updated in the latest hot fashion in hats by following my tips and suggestions in choosing the right one thats best fits on you.

#1: Match with the occasion
There were so many different hats now. Before you wear them, be sure that you matches the occasion you were going to. If you will go in a party, a gangster hat or an aviator will do look fantastic on you. However, if you're going in a formal occasions, be sure that you will wear a simple but elegant hat like Top Hat. These hat are perfect for Prom and Wedding.

#2: Know how to compliment your outfits
Another consideration that you must not forget is your outfits. Be sure that it will compliment them and not distracting your style. Wear not too extravagant.

#3: Wear According to your Personality
This is one of the important things to consider in wearing a hat. You must wear hat that jive with your personality. If your a punk dude, then wear a suitable hat that you think reflect your personality. Or if you're a sporty, then wear a sporty hat. That simple. It really adds cohesiveness between the wearer and the hat. By that, it will surely pump up your personality.

#4: Choose the Right Fit and Color
Of course, make sure that your hat fits perfectly with your head. I will suggest that choose a hat that have an adjustable part or a garter-ize crown. By this you cant go wrong with the size of your cap. Also choose a color that compliment your clothes and skin. To know more about color, kindly read my article about rules in choosing the right color.

In general, wearing hats can be great fun and will add a touch to your personality. If you have found the perfect hat for you, make sure that you feel natural with it that you must treat your hat a part of your body. Have confident and passion in wearing them to show the true beauty and greatness of your fashion statement. Enjoy!

Monday, January 28, 2008

2008 Hairstyle Tips for Men

Hairstyle in men are not refined as woman's hairstyles but just like women, men too love experimenting with our hair to complete their hot fashion style.

The hair has become one of men's leading concerns when it comes to hairstyle trends, i know that even you will agree that hair can make or break your entire look, and can be the key element when it comes to looking good. Also the right hairstyle can give you self-confidence and satisfaction. But we must remember that finding the right hairstyle for who you are does take a little effort though, but the results will be worth it in the end. So i made this tips for those mens who seek for the best hairstyle for themselves.

Tip #1: Find A Salon, Not a Barber Shop
Im not really against Barber Shop but based on my experiences on hair cutting, i will recommend to you to go in a Salon -as much as possible exclusive for men Salon- because they offer more treatment and great services like shampoo, blow dry, hair coloring etc. and also you have many options to choose from a variety of hairstyles they offer and by doing this you might be very happy with the result in the end. Another tip that i can give to you is to ask around and find out which stylist or salon your friends or relatives use regularly.

Tip #2: Do Not Ignore Others Suggestions
Remember that you want to look great for others, so try to ask your friends for suggestions of hairstyles that they think looks good on you. But your friends are secondary only, to achieve the best hairstyle ask the experts a.k.a. your hairstylist. They know the best for you. If you dont like it, don't worry, hair always grow back!

Tip #3: Find A Hairstylist Who Cuts You Well
If you really satisfy with the cut of your hairstylist, dont hesitate to come back again in the same salon at the same person. But if you were pissed of on your cut, for God sake dont ever come back, instead seek for another salon. Here's a very effective tip yet awkward on how you will find the perfect salon for you. Just ask. If you see a guy with a good haircut –the style that you want for your hair- dont hesitate to ask him where he get that cut. Just ask him in a polite manner and dont forget to praise his haircut first.

Tip #4: Go In a Salon In the Middle Of The Day
As much as possible, dont go in morning nor in the end of the day on the Salon, the reason for this is that if you go in those time, your hairstylist is not at his/her best condition to cut, the result might be just an average haircut and not a fantastic one. Well the best is in the middle of the day where he/she was already pumped up with already some finished customers. The worst time will be in the end of the day because at this point your hairstylist will be tired and not at his best. So make it a habit to go in the middle of the day.

Tip #5: Communicate Well and Be Good to your hairstylist
A proper communication and a good relation between you and your hairstylist is very helpful to achieve optimum result. When you describe the desired length of your hair, use your hands instead of describing in inches, it's a lot easier to understand by your stylist. As much as possible bring pictures of the desired hairstyle that you've seen in magazines or Internet. Pictures are truly worth a thousand words, so dont be shy to bring a piece.

Tip #6: A good Hairstylist deserve to be rewarded
Lastly, be generous with your hairstylist. Tip well because they will take better care of his clients and do their best efforts to achieve the best cut who tip well, they will think that those clients are taking care of them. And you will be surprised how much more attention you get if you're known to be a great tipper. See the logic?

Well as you can see, achieving the best hairstyle is not that easy as going in a salon, sit in a chair and walk home. It takes a lot of planning and effort. And i hope that this tips help you solve your problem. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hair Color Tips For Your Hairstyle

We all know that hair is very important for all of us as a part of our visual presentation and not only are the right cut and style important but the right color can greatly change the total appearance as well. Certain shades go better with certain skin tones, eye colors, and clothing. There are many ways to enhance looks with different hues, highlights, lowlights, and other techniques to add something to the hairstyle. So i made this very useful tips on how you can achieve optimum result in coloring your hair.

First of all, i will discussed the different types of hair coloring products that can be use.
1. Permanent Hair Color
This makes a permanent change in the pigment of the hair shaft. It does not wash out. It will fade in time, but cannot be simply removed to bring back your natural color. Just take note that this is a job which should be left to the Pros Only! And also it is expensive and is hard on the hair to varying degrees.
2. Single Process Color
Single process means that the color is lifted and deposited in one step.
3. Semi-Permanent
It can cover gray and go darker, but cannot lighten. It lasts varying lengths of time depending on the product. Suitable for amateur colorists.
4. Deposit Only Color
These are very user friendly and usually condition and color the hair in one step.
The very popular were glazes or translucent colors are among the easiest to start with to enhance your color.

Tips Before and After Coloring
1. Before coloring:
The first thing you will do is to wash your hair with a good kind of shampoo for you to remove pollutants of your hair. Do not use conditioner or shampoo/conditioner mixtures available in single bottle. Conditioner will interfere with the dye bonding to your hair. If your scalp is soft and sensitive or your hair damaged or dry, wait about a day after washing to bleach or use permanent dye.
2. While coloring:
Follow the mixing instructions exactly as given. Use protective gloves and an old towel, especially when you are new to hair coloring. To keep the dye off your skin, you could put creamy gel like Vaseline around your hairline and it's better don't get it in your hair though, or it will unnecessarily bother your hair coloring process.
3. After coloring:
To make your coloring to last longer, rinse your hair in lemon based solution immediately after dyeing. This raises the strength of the hair color. Another tip is to add two spoons of hair color to your regular conditioner after each shampoo. Leave it on three to five minutes and rinse it with warm water. This replenishes the color that was washed out.

Remember that changing the color of your hair is not a bad thing, just make sure to follow manufacturers instructions. Also the advice of some professional hairstylist will be a big help, so try to consult if you have time. Enjoy your new look!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Tips on Finding the Best Sunglasses That Suits on You

Sunglasses or sun glasses are a visual aid which feature lenses that are coloured or darkened to prevent strong light from reaching the eyes. It is always better to use a sunglasses when ever you go in direct sunlight. Special care has to be taken while selecting the right sunglasses for you. It should suit your face and also should give you the right protection you want though the majority of the nations people wear sunglasses for fashion reasons.

Well its quite not an easy task to find the perfect sunglasses for us. It ranges from a thousand of colors, styles, and enormous brands of sunglasses available in the market now and the chances are you might landed to a wrong pair of sunglasses. So i made this very useful tips for the sunglasses seekers out there on how you could find the perfect one for you.

1. Made with UV(UltraViolet) Radiation Protection
These characteristics of the sunglasses were the first thing you must consider and probably the most important one since it was really made to protect our eyes from those harmful light from the sun. When shopping for sunglasses, it is always important to check the label or tag to see if the sunglasses are rated to provide full protection from UVA and UVB light. Even though you may pay a little more for such protection, it is well worth the cost compared to the damage that can happen to the eyes such as cataract buildup or, even worse, blindness. You owe it to your eyes to seek the best protection possible. The higher protection it can provide, the better. Sunglasses can provide 100% of the Ultra Violet protection that a person needs. If your not sure how much protection your sunglasses provide to you, then you can visit your optometrist for verification.

2. Choosing The Color
Choosing the color of sunglasses is essential too, not only for your looks but most of all the color of it was relevant to the protection of the sunglasses it provides to you. Sunglasses that are tinted gray were believed to give the highest protection. Almost as good are those tinted brown or green. But sunglasses tinted blue or purple can be dangerous. Said Science Digest: "Blue or purple sunglasses can expose you to more ultraviolet radiation than no sunglasses at all! That happens because a dark lens causes your pupils to dilate, which means blue or purple sunglasses inflict ultraviolet rays on your eyes after 'tricking' them into lowering their defenses against sunlight."
Also consider the color of sunglasses to accentuate your looks. Choose a color that goes well with your hair and skin color. If you enjoy matching your sunglasses with your outfits, choose several pair in different colors for a variety.

3. The Right Style
Every person's facial shape is unique. Sunglasses that look great on one person will look "not so great" on another. That's why it is important to search for sunglasses that look great on you. Don't choose sunglasses just because someone you know has a pair. Make sure you choose a style that looks great with your skin tone, shape of face, nose shape, and hair. It can also really spice up your outfit and you can easily accessorize with it if you choose the right style of sunglasses on you. Here's the tip, if you have a long, slender nose and chin, then small, round sunglasses with a thin frame would look better than large, thick glasses. The opposite is true if you have a round-shaped face and a very small nose.

All in all, sunglasses are very important for all of us and it was the simply the best in protecting our eyes. Children as well as adults should wear sunglasses. The ultra violet damage occurs over time, therefore, a person needs to protect the eyes at an early age. Also children's eyes are more sensitive than that of an adult. The bottom line is that while wearing sunglasses as a fashion statement, it also a very handy and useful thing in protecting your eyes from being damage or, even worse, blindness.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tips and Rules on Choosing The Right Color

Feeling troubled over what color to wear? What color makes you look good? Well, fashion is all about yourself. The colors you wear can make or break your look. Color can enhance your facial features, eye color, and shape of your body. It can also work against you by camouflaging your body, accentuating the negative and even changing the perception of your natural coloring. Many people are not aware of which colors do and do not compliment their look. Moreover, a person's favorite color to wear is often the worst possible color for their natural color schema.

Here are the basic rules on choosing the right color for you.
1. Combine colors to create contrast
Color analysis also takes into consideration your personal color value. When you look at a black and white photograph, you can determine your value contrast. When you dress you want to combine colors that are balanced with your natural colors so that people notice your face, which is your communication center. When one wears the wrong amount of contrast in their clothing, the clothes wear the person and the person becomes invisible.

2. Choose a color that will compliment your Personality
Your personality is a consideration when choosing color. Bright, stimulating colors are appropriate if you are outgoing and energetic. However, if you are more reserved, wear soft, subdued colors. Even with softer colors, you can still accent them with livelier ones. Expressing who you are through color is very important as this truly conveys who you are from the inside out.

3. Know your Best and Secondary Colors. Stick With it!
Find your best colors and stick with them. Colors do not lie and after you figure out your primary dominate color, identify your secondary color. This is a great starting point knowing yourself better with color against your skin. In fact, it’s a little secret used in determining your best seasonal colors.

4. Compliment Color with your Body Shape
Color can hide, reshape, or accentuate the appearance of the body's shape. To change the appearance of your shape, think in terms of light and dark combinations. Many women want to reshape their hip area. A popular practice is to wear all black or dark colors in an effort to downplay curves and bulges. This can be counterproductive and actually draw attention to the area. A better camouflage is to use prints and patterns. While this may seem like it would make the hip area more pronounced, it does not. The eye is distracted by the multicolored print than the shape of the body.

Always remember that color choice is not a science. There is no one way that works for every person. Illusion is the focus. Use color as your tool, to create the illusion you desire. Take time with yourself to play with colors and patterns. This is the only way you will gain an understanding of who you are in terms of color. Make up your mind as to what you want your look to be and then work some color magic on yourself. Remember, you create your very own style. Have fun!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hairstyle Trends in 2008

As the year 2007 draws to an end, many of you must be thinking of donning a new look for 2008. Hairstyles for the year 2008 come after a year where shorter hairstyles ruled, longer hairstyles still flourished, and everyone just loved the bob. Some celebrities went for medium and shorter lengths and the fashion runaways brought in many unique trends like the pony-loop and the high ballerina bun. Update your hair style with one of these hot trends that dominate the hair scene this year. Some of these are actually repetitions of hairstyle before. They are all set to make a comeback with much style and elegance.

1. The Bob
posh in bob haircut imageLook for the bob style to make a bit of a “comeback” this Winter season as several celebrities are making this classic look all their own. Victoria Beckham is already making a splash with her highly publicized asymmetrical bob cut which has been renamed “The Pob” (for “Posh {Spice} Bob”).
The bob is a natural accompaniment to the revival in 1920s, 30s and 40s fashions we're experiencing. In 2008 the bob can be a longer, blunt cut like the one sported by Hana Soukupova or the sexed-up rock-chic version we've been loving on Freja. The bob can be fringed or fringeless and works well in pretty much any colour.

2. Masculine
On the other extreme to the super-soft and feminine hairdos, masculine styles also hit the runways as as forerunner to 2008. The short, boy-cut is going to be one of the hottest styles next year,thanks to celebs like Kirsten Dunst and Natalie Portman.

3. Soft Wedge Haircut
Another hot hair style trend for 2008 is the soft wedge haircut. This short hairstyle adds much sparkle to your face and shows the playful side of your personality. Since a lot of texturing and layering is used, your hairstyle looks soft and very smooth, in case of cut-style. Even people with thin hair can go in for this short cut, as it adds volume. It is suitable for almost every face cut and adds charm and confidence to the personality.

4. Razor Cuts with Layers
The Razor cut has always been around, on and off. But for 2008, a razor cut with a lot of emphasis on layering is being predicted to be absolutely in. You may have short or long hair and the razor style can be implemented beautifully, without compromising on length. Get a cut that enhances your facial features, adding much softness and playfulness to your look. Try to get more layering around the ears and on hair that falls on the side of your cheeks. With a short razor cut, a messy look can also be adopted, especially if it suits your relaxed and carefree lifestyle!

5. Poker Straight
Curls and waves will be transformed into straight and smooth flowing hair. Even if you love to keep those waves, make sure they just gather at the ends of your hair and the rest of the hair is absolutely straight. Sleek and smooth texture is the keyword for 2008. So, get prepared to straighten out those curled locks for a sleeker and newer you!

Now heres an additional tip for you, to look best with this hairstyles, you can try to color your hair and accentuate your style with glam! Try my Hair Color Tips For Your Hairstyle to achieve the optimum result in coloring your hairstyle.

A simple hair cut or a simple change in hair style can entirely transform our personality. Of course, as there are two sides of the same coin, there are two consequences of changing your hairstyle - Good and Bad! You may look like a trendy chic and even inspire a couple of your friends to copy your hairstyle or you may look like you have just plucked out your hair in frustration! It is recommended that before going in for a drastic change of hairstyle, you must evaluate whether or not it would look good on you.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

5 Tips on How to Extend The Life of Your Clothes

Whether you're obsessed with fashion or just want to go as long as possible without shopping, taking good care of your clothes can help keep them looking newer, longer. You can make them last longer if you care for them properly and there are some great ways to make sure you’ll have that favorite dress for a very long time.

Tip #1 - don't wash your clothes every single time that you wear them
I know this may sound gross to some people, so I will say that you have to use common sense and good judgment here. If you wear something and you get a big glob of mustard on the front of it, of course you need to wash it right away. When I say you don't need to wash your clothes every time you wear them, I'm basically talking about things that you wear for only a couple of hours or so. Like in the case of jeans, don't washed them every time you wore them instead, try hanging your jeans or shirt that was worn only for a couple of hours out in the sun. They will get freshened up in a hurry, and you won't have to put them in the washing machine.

Tip #2 - treat STAINS immediately
Stains are one of the most common ways our clothing gets ruined. If you leave a stain until the day you do your laundry it has time to dry and set in and will be even harder to remove. If you wash a stained item improperly this can also set the stain in and putting a stained item in the clothes dryer is almost certain to ensure a permanent mark. Rinse out a stained item with water immediately after the stain occurs or as soon as possible. If the stain is a grease or protein stain you can treat it with a bit of dish soap. Hot and warm water can cause stains to set in so only use cold water until you are sure the stain is gone.

Tip #3 – prevent Shrinkage
Shrinkage is another common killer of clothes. Clothing that is made out of natural materials like cotton and wool can shrink in the clothes dryer quite quickly. Items like denim blue jeans will shrink a bit each time you dry them. Clothes dryers can also give clothes quite a beating if you dry them too long and too often. Air-drying your clothes is the best way to make them last longer. Using a fabric softener in the rinse cycle will help keep your clothes from getting stiff. You can dry your clothes outside or on an indoor folding rack that stores easily when you are through.

Tip #4 - Sew loose seams or small tears as soon as they occur.
If you have a small opening it can easily tear into a larger one that is either harder or impossible to fix. Replace lost buttons immediately or the item may end up in the bottom of the mending pile never to be seen again. It only takes a few minutes to sew up a loose seam or button and thread costs next to nothing.

Tip #5 – store it properly for the next season
When it’s time to put your clothes away for the season be sure to clean, iron, and fold them first. Always store your clothing in plastic tote boxes along with some cedar blocks to protect them from moisture and insects. Label the tote so you can easily locate your clothes when you need them. When the season comes back around your clothes will be clean and ready to wear.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Shopping Tips for Plus Size Woman

Admit it, it was really hard for a plus size woman to go on shopping to buy their new clothes and it really can be quite a chore for them. Every woman, no matter what her size is, needs a shopping strategy, and if you already know that clothes that fit well are going to be harder to find. Take a look at a few tips below to make sure that your fashion sense stays sharp this 2008.

1. Plus size women are not as rare as you think. There are many plus size women, and department stores and shops know this very well. No matter where you are, there will definitely be a shop offering plus size women clothes in your area, or a mall in your town with a section devoted to plus size women clothes. All you need to do is be inquisitive. Check the Internet for locations of shops near you to which you can go for plus size women clothes. Do not spend all your money in one store, however: scout for as many clothes as you can until you fill your wardrobe with a wide variety of flattering plus size clothes.

2. If you can shop online, do so. There are many online shops that offer plus size women clothing, so if you trust the sites well enough to give them your credit number, then go ahead and take advantage of the convenience offered by the Internet. Be aware, however, of the largest disadvantage offered by this method: you might end up with clothes that do not fit you well, or clothes that do not look like the ones displayed in online catalogs.

3. Remember all the rules of fashion as you shop for your plus size clothes. Go for darker colors, especially dark brown, navy blue, or black, as they can make you appear slimmer. Eschew loud, large prints in favor of smaller prints, as they can draw attention away from your clothing.

4. Vertical lines, such as vertical line patterns and candy stripes, as well as folds and pleats, can make your body appear leaner and longer. If you are short, stay away from long skirts and go for those that are cut above the knee.

Don't ever believe that looking for plus-sized apparel means you'll have to sacrifice style. You don't have to settle for anything that doesn't look good on you! With a little searching, you can locate clothes that look as great as they feel.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

General Jewelry Tips for 2008 – The Do's and Dont's

Jewelery is a personal ornament, such as a necklace, ring, or bracelet, made from gemstones, precious metals or other substances. If cosmetic is for the body, shoes are for the feet, jewelries are for the clothes. Jewelries can make you look trendy, classic or even cheap. Proper use can also make any clothing look expensive.

Categories of jewelry
1. Fine - is made from gold, platinum, fine silver, combined with precious and semi-precious stones.
2. Costume - is made from lower cost materials such as metals with gold and or silver finishes, and from unusual materials such as wood, plastic and beads. Costume jewelries are usually combinations of glass, synthetic or some semi-precious stones.

* Wear contrasting shape all the time if you have a round body built.
* Wear ivory and tortoiseshell, but only if they're fake.
* Assemble a collection of good, basic costume jewelry:
- a pair of matching gold bangle bracelets, or a gold cuff not wider than an inch and a half.
link necklaces in varying lengths.
- a pair of simple gold hoop earrings, or gold button-style clip-ons
* Buy a two-tone watch so that you can wear it with silver or gold jewelry.
* Keep your jewelry organized. Even egg cartons or plastic silverware trays will do.
* Wear large earrings if you're a large woman--you're among the few who can carry them off.
* Anything dangling such as earrings make a body silhouette slim.
* Jewelry is an effective focal point of the viewer's eye to distract attention away from any body flaws.
* Gold tones fit almost any skin color.

* Mixing real diamonds from fake diamonds will make the real look fake.
* Don't overdo.
* Wear jewelry that jingles when you walk.
* Pierce your ears more than twice in each lobe. Never wear earrings so heavy that they stretch your lobes.
*Mix your metals. Silver jewelry is out of the question if your jacket has gold buttons.
* Wear rhinestones before 6 p.m.
* Squeeze a large neck into a dainty choker. It just doesn't work.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

7 Fashion Trends To Avoid in 2008

Fashion really defines what kind of personality and person you really was but hey, not all the time fashion statement really looks good on you. If your styles are like what i will discuss later, you should think twice before wearing them because it's a no no fashions this year of the rat, 2008.

1. 80's fashion trend

The style of the ‘80s is regaining its popularity, though it should have died with the end of that decade. It was bad the first time around, and it’s going to be just as bad this time. Such a look makes the wearer of this style disaster look like a little boy in a man’s suit. Working tons of gel into your hair to top off this look is also a big no-no, since no woman wants to run her hands through a stiff mane. Plus, if you remember this look, or even wore it the first time around, you should definitely consider this among the fashion trends to avoid in 2008.

2. Overly loose fitting clothes

Clothes that are really loose or baggy make you look sloppy and like a bum. Unless you rap or own your own hip hop label, which you probably don't, then you need to stay away from this fashion mistake. Instead buy clothes that actually fit you. Try experimenting mixing and matching certain cuts and styles until you comes across the perfect fit and look.

3. Shiny shirts and suits a.k.a. Metallics

Just like brightly colored patent leather, the metallics craze is another of a long list of fashion trends to avoid in 2008, and it’s one that should be left to the girls. A gold trench coat can look chic on a woman if it’s not a cheap tone, but on men, it looks corny. Specifically, bronze and gold are two colors that are really difficult for men to pull off. Any large piece of clothing like a coat or sweater will likely look outdated come the following season, and accessories like belts or shoes are usually very odd on men in these two colors.

4. Satin

Satin becomes a trend to avoid in 2008 when you wear it in large blocks. An entire suit made of satin is difficult for many women to pull off, and on a man the effect is way too sleazy, which is usually not the look you’re going for when you don formal wear. The same applies to wearing satin coats. Just in case you needed one more reason; satin is a shiny fabric and will show off all your imperfections if the fabric is cheap or the cut is less than perfect.

5. Ugly colors

You can look like Brad Pitt with the fashion sense of a George Clooney but if you're wearing some ugly colored clothes no one will care who you look like. The color of your clothes needs to compliment your best natural features like eye color, skin tone and body shape.

6. Neon Colors

Since most humans look terrible in neon shades, it’s hard to understand why these colors are even making a comeback. The answer likely lies in the fact that sporting deliberately ugly pieces has been hip for quite some time. And after running out of ugly things to revive, designers hit upon neon as the ugliest of the ‘80s uglies and decided to give it a second chance at life. It’s difficult to incorporate even minute amounts of neon into your wardrobe without appearing like a fashion victim, which makes this a top-shelf trend to avoid in 2008.

7. Novelty Ties, shirts, or boxers

This is another fashion mess that men just don't seem to notice or maybe not care. I would much rather be known for being stylish and a good dresser than the guy who wears shirts with funny sayings on them. So with that, throw out all those clothes with smiley faces, hearts, reindeer, shamrocks, and animal prints and buy something nice.

Now you've been warned on those fashion trends, its up to you know if you want to continues those no no this year or make yourself a hip and jive with the fashion trends of the 2008.