Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tips on Preventing Dark Underarm

smooth underarm imageDark underarms are very common problem specially in women. That nightmare limit them to wear some of their favorite clothes specially those sleeveless clothing for their own hot fashion style. Also those ugly hairs really worsen the scene.

There are many causes why your underarms get dark. These are:

1. The rubbing of the armpits skin against each other.
2. Friction due to tight blouses and tops that brush against the skin
3. Long term use of deodorants with alcohol or other strong chemicals.
4. Shaving and plucking.
5. Excessive sweating
6. Build up of dead skins
7. Overweight
8. other skin disease like skin asthma

Among the list, the most common cause of darkening of the armpits is the rubbing of it against each other. At this point, friction is really building up in the skin of our armpit that might produce some microscopic bruises that will cause darkening as time passed by. The same thing also happened in rubbing of your clothes against your armpit specially tight blouses and tops. So as much as possible, avoid tight blouses and free your armpit from your clothes and let it loose.

Harmful chemicals such as alcohol might also causes your underarm to get darken. Our skin react from those chemicals which causes some discoloration on it. Too bad some deodorants that we buy in the store contains these substances. So watch out first what you were buying and see if what it is made of specially in buying deodorant.

girl with smooth armpit imageAlso take note of this, every time you shave or pluck, you cause micro abrasions. When healed, these wounds cause darkening. You may not be aware of these, but you can easily confirm it by putting alcohol on your underarms after you pluck or shave. It's going to be very painful because of the abrasions. Shaving and plucking can also cause armpit hair to stand straight up and enlarge hair follicles, making your armpit take on the appearance of chicken skin. I would say that don't do it regularly. As much as possible, go to the dermatologist to solve this problem.

Excessive sweating of your underarm also causes it to become darker. Specially when you didn't clean your underarm right away. Our sweat reacts to the skin and might causes some discoloration reaction in our armpit. Also it contains bacteria and other harmful organism for which it was very harmful in our skin that causes irritation and wounds if not cleaned right away. So wash your armpit regularly to cleans it and get rid off some bacteria away from your skin.

Health issues also serve why our underarms become darker. Extra weight aggravates pigmentation and darkens some areas of the body, including the nape, underarms, and back of the knees. Also skin diseases specially skin asthma might be a big factor too.

Eliminating all the factors causing skin to darken will helps you solve this very common problem. And following those tips really helps you a lot to maintain your white smooth underarm for long period of time. Now you can easily wear your hot fashionable clothes anytime you want without feeling embarrass from others Always remember that patience and discipline is the key to do it properly to achieve the best result that you ever wanted in no time. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tips On How To Get Rid Of your Blackheads

What are those?
Blackheads is a type of acne also known as comedones which look like small dark or grayish dots in the skin pores. These are caused by excess oil that is oxidized which causes them to turn black in color. These black pigmentation is not really result of dirt in the pores but it was actually cause due to the trapped sebum and bacteria in the pores which turn black due to melanin, the skin's pigment. Blackheads tend to be stable structures, and often take a long time to clear because the contents very slowly drain to the surface.

What Causes It?
There are many possible factors that cause blackheads to buildup. These are:
1.changing of hormonal levels in adolescent and other adult the leads to increasing of oil production on the skin.
2.Improper cleansing of the skin
3.pollution and high humidity in your surroundings
4.using some cosmetic products such as foundation, blush, eye shadow, moisturizers etc. that containing too much oil
5.Excessive dead cells on the skin which block the pores.
6.Too much oil in skin.

What are the treatments?
Treating blackheads are easy to do. But it requires a lot of time and great patience in you because effective results in treating it is not an instant. As i said before, blackheads are not cause by dirt, and constantly washing the affected area will not help at all. And it might just cause a serious problems in your skin if you constantly scrub or rinse your it. Thus, i will advice to just wash your face twice a day with a mild suitable soap to mainly control the oil in your skin. Also dont forget to remove makeups or other cosmetic products in your skin before going to bed at night. It will only harsh your skin and may absorbs and block the pores of your skin. It was also important to keep your skin hydrated to cleans the pores and prevent the formation of blackheads. So drink water regularly for at least 8 full glasses per day. But if you willing to spend money for this problem, dont hesitate to go on a professional dermatologist and im pretty sure that they will knock them out.

Although blackhead is not really a serious health threat, we must not ignore it because it still can cause you some emotional distress which can affect you a lot with the way you live. Just remember, a healthy and clean lifestyle is the most important way to have a healthy body. Hope this help. Enjoy!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Essential Acne Prevention and Treatment Tips

Based on the study by the experts, 90% of all adolescents and almost 25% of all adults were suffering from acne problem regardless of nationality. Actually, acne diminishes over time and tends to disappear, or at least decrease, after one reaches his or her early twenties. But no one really can tell for how long acne will last. For some unfortunate individuals, they might continue to suffer from acne decades later, into their thirties and forties and even beyond.

Acne really a burdensome and might affect a person's life which can cause great deal of embarrassment and stress. A person who's have acnes all around their faces will significantly limit one's social life and some other important miscellaneous activities regarding life improvement. There are many tips in the web right now regarding this topic, i will only site the very important and essential tips on how to treat and prevent acne.

Avoid Being Stress
One of the major factor in acne problem is the buildup of stress in your body. Based on the study, when under stress the body produces hormonal steroids, such as cortisol which promotes acne. I know we cant avoid being stressed but we can do something to lessen the effect of stress in your skin. This is done by stepping up the daily skin care regimen to offset the skin's response to stress. During these times, cleanse very thoroughly, or cleanse three times a day rather than two. When the stressful situation passes, return to the normal daily skin care regimen.

Do Not Squeeze/Scrub Out Your Acne
You will just messing your skin if you do this. You just worsen the effect of acne and there's a big possibilities that it might lead to infections or scarring. Just do a mild and gentle wash on your face with a cleanser for about 2 times a day and don't overdo washing because it might irritate your skin.

Drink Water Regularly
Drink at least 64 ounces or 8 glasses of water a day to help "detoxify" the body from the inside out. It is an essential not only for your skin, but for your overall health as well because water carry waste material out of our body. Regarding skin, if it becomes dehydrated, dead skin cells are not effectively shed, which can lead to blocked pores and further acne.

Watch What Your Eating
I suggest to eat plenty of antioxidants to cleans your skin and to control your acne. Juices from fruits and vegetables are the best source of antioxidant. Also, intakes of some minerals and vitamins like chromium supplement -which will help heal your pimples quickly and prevent future breakouts; Zinc -an antibacterial agent and a necessary element in the oil-producing glands of the skin which can cause acne breakouts; and Vitamin A -strengthens the protective tissue of the skin and helps reduce sebum production which actually prevents acne; will helps reduce and prevent acne from coming. While avoid excessive drinking of coffee and dairy products like milk, butter, etc. because it will stimulates the production of cortisol which promote acne.

Using these tips properly will surely lessen and prevent the promotion of acne. Just be sure to be patience because it's a long term process and cant be done in just a few days. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Look Younger With Your Hair

I know almost all of us dont want to look old as time passed by. And whatever we do, we cannot stop time and facing the dilemma of aging process.

Aging is a natural phenomena occurred in our body. It was our body's fundamental part of changing which we cannot be stop or modify. It change our behavior and looks as it becomes visible outside our body specially in our skin, face and hair. We all know we cant prevent aging, BUT! We can change and lessen the RESULT of aging. We're not talking about surgery, instead i will give you some useful advice on how to look younger with your hair. Because i believe that hair is one of the major factor why aging is become visible in our looks. A right hairstyle and a right color of the hair will give you much youthful looking appearance than ever.

Tip No.1 - Hide the Gray in your Hair
One of the most visible marks in our body done by aging is the showing up of gray hairs. As we get on 30's above, expect that you will have that problem at that age and will continue and worsening the effect. Get rid off of that problem by adjusting the color of your hair which can be done by dying it or using some products in the market that removes the gray. But i will recommend more to dye it. By doing it, it really cut off years of our age and made us look younger and feel more vibrant.

Tip No.2 – Coloring of the Hair
Hair coloring not only hides your gray hairs, it also make our skin more radiant which accentuate it and can result to a much younger looking person. Use dark colors to hide the grays. I also suggest highlighting your hair. It really makes you look young and more vibrant. Just always remember to choose a color which compliments your skin tone for better result. If you're not sure what you will do, try to go to the experts at the salon and ask them some advice and ideas about your problem.

Tip No3. - Choosing Hairstyle
The style of your hair is really the tricky part here. There are many styles and cuts to choose from. But did you know that a much shorter cuts really makes you look young? Make sure that your hair length is between your chin and your shoulders. Also bangs can help you look young. It can hide your wrinkles in your face and accentuates your eyes. Dont underestimate what a new hairstyle can do to lessen the trace of aging in you.

Combine these tips with a healthy lifestyle, proper diet, and a lot of exercise will surely give you a result that your expecting for. Just be patient and have a discipline in yourself. Looking young can help you improve not only physically, but also psychologically because it also boost your confidence and personality within yourself. Remember, looking good is feeling good. Enjoy!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Proper Nail Care Tips to Have a Healthy Nails

Most of us does not aware how important our nail is. It is very important to have a healthy nails and i know you're asking now, what actually is a healthy nails?.

Nails too need to be taken care of properly. The color of your nails is an indicator of your general health. Your nails are a part of your body too so you must take good care of them. Actually, nails are an extension of our skin. They are produced by living skin cells in the fingers and toes and it is made of a hard protein called keratin which can also be found in our skin.

Basically nail reflects our way of living. In other words, taking care of your body is also taking care of your nails. Eating a healthy diet is important for your nails. It is important to include certain vitamins in your daily diet to ensure that your nails are healthy and look beautiful. Just remember to have a healthy lifestyle to take care of your self, including your nails.

To ensure that you have a healthy nails and prevent it from some nail disorders, here are few tips that every one should know to properly maintain a healthy bunch of nails.

Tip No. 1
Keep your nails clean and dry. By doing this, you prevent bacteria and some infectious organism to collect in tour nails. They might cause a serious nail disease that might ruined your nails.

Tip No.2
Always wear rubber gloves when doing some household chores specially when dealing with chemicals like cleanser, disinfectants etc. They might harm your nail and result in nail disorder. Also if your hands are going to be immersed in water for any length of time, wear them because it might cause your nails to dry and become brittle.

Tip No.3
Don't ever bite your nails. Doing this bad habit can result in damaging your nail as well the skin surrounding the fingers and allowing bacteria to spread not only in your nails and skin, as well in your mouth.

Tip No.4
Cut your nails properly. Do this straight across, and keep them oval not pointed, thus making the nails less susceptible to breakage. Trim the nails to the same length. Use a file to shape and smoothen them to avoid catching rough ends. If you found your nail hard to cut because its thick, soak them in warm water with salt. Be sure to dry them before you cut it.

Tip No.5
Apply some nail polished and strengthening to protect your nail from damage. Just don't over used it, once every two weeks is the ideal time lapse in order for the nails to breath. The same thing in manicuring.

Tip No.6
Don't deal ingrown by yourself. If you have ingrown, don't dig and cut it if you don't know what your doing. You will only spread bacteria and can cause serious infections into your ingrown. Always dry the part where you have ingrown. And see the doctor immediately.

By doing this tips i guarantee you that you will surely have a healthy nail. For optimum care, incorporate it with a healthy diet and lifestyle because what is best for your body is good for your nails. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Choosing the Perfect Necktie

Before anything else, let us first define what is a necktie. A necktie is a long piece of cloth worn around the neck. It rests under the shirt collar and is knotted at the throat. Men and women wear neckties as part of regular office attire, formal wear, or uniforms.

Nowadays, neckties are worn mostly by men. They wear it to have a complete formal appearance for the whole attire. In looking from those, your necktie is one of the first things people will see when you enter a room. It really compliment and accentuate your clothing, however choosing the wrong tie can end up breaking the idea of the coordination in your clothing. I know its not an easy task to choose what is the best tie for your attire. And it became even more complicated because of the huge variety of style, color, patterns, etc to choose from. That's why i made these tips to guide you from choosing the right necktie which suits perfectly for your attire.

Tip #1 – Choosing a fabric
Feel the fabric of the tie. Before you buy, ask what kind of fabric they used. If it was silk, then thats perfect because it holds the shape of your tie and at the same time, its lightweight and durable to wear. As much as possible, dont choose cotton ties because excessive wrinkling will be a big messed up on it. Wool is also good but these kind of neckties are considered less formal than silk.

Tip #2 - Tie Colors
Color in neckties is generally based in your personal choice. But you must remember a few things regarding colors to fully optimize your look on choosing the right color for your tie. Generally, if you want to compliment your shirt or suit, use a necktie which create contrast. A dark shirt is relieved by lighter colored tie and a bright shirt can be sobered by pairing it with a dark tie. Also you can wear a tie of the same color with your shirt or suit, just make sure that it was lighter or darker in shade. Here's another trick, if your wearing a striped, checked or plaid dress shirt, select a tie color that matches the dominant color of the stripes or checks in the shirt.

Tip #3 – Pattern
Be careful when dealing with patterns. One of the most hardest and yet complicated part in choosing a tie is regarding its pattern. Just always remember the general rule, if you wearing a patterned shirt, its better to wear solid ties and vice versa. Though you can still look great in wearing same patterned tie and shirt but be careful when matching. If done right, it will look polished and sophisticated. If not, it could be a disaster on your look. The trick in here is to choose a tight stripe that reads more like a solid, or to make sure the two stripes are of different sizes so they do not fight or look dizzy together. Another remedy for this problem is to can wear a plain jacket with them. By this your dazzling outfit can be neutralize by the coat.

Necktie really serves a big help to complete your look. Just be sure that you choose a suitable one that goes perfectly with your outfit. Remember to consider its fabric, colors and pattern. Hope this help. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tips on How to Take Care of Your Hair

As many people know, hair is the crowning glory of a person and sad to say that some of us don't give their hair proper care and attention. We must take a good care of our hair since it is a said to be the mirror of out inner health and a reflection of our personality.

As we consult the dictionary, it is said that the primary component of hair fiber is keratin and these are actually proteins. The hair itself has no blood supply and no nervous system. A good hair care routine is important and should be a daily ritual in everyone's life. I list down some useful and effective ways on how to take care your hair properly.

TIP NO.1 – Live a healthy lifestyle
A healthy lifestyle will mean healthier hair for you. Excessive stress, smoking, not exercising and not eating nutritiously are not healthy for your hair. Your hair needs nutrition from the inside and out. Hair-friendly foods are those packed with vitamins and protein so include plenty of leafy vegetables, fruit, fish `nd dairy products in your daily diet. Taking certain vitamins may be most helpful in improving the condition of your hair. B group of vitamins among other kinds, are proven to cure many hair problems such as hair loss, dandruff, graying etc.

TIP NO.2 – Choose the right shampoo
As much as possible, use natural and organic hair care shampoos and conditioners with wheat germ, jojoba, almond or coconut oil, keratin, vitamins such as biotin, panthenol, vitamin A, E and essential oils. Also consider the type of your hair. If you pick out a shampoo for oily hair when your hair is actually dry, it will only damage your hair. Understanding the kind of hair you have is important so you can nourish it better.

TIP NO.3 – Hair products to avoid
There are lots of hair products nowadays which contain harmful chemicals that can cause various hair problems. So we must know what exactly are these products. Avoid using hair styling products with alcohol which dries out hair and as much as possible try to avoid putting hair styling products directly on your scalp, if you put it on your scalp you'll clog the pores on your head. If you like to go outside and get into the sun, protect your hair with hair care products that contain sunscreen. Also try to consult the experts to know which products is the best fit on your hair.

TIP NO.4 – Dry your hair properly
I know most of you are using a blow dryer to dry your hair. Just be inform that hot air can directly damage your hair. My tip for you is when using a hair dryer use the cool setting of it to lessen the damage done to your hair. Also, don't leave the blow dryer in one spot for more than a few seconds, keep it moving and at a good distance away from your hair. Overusing your hairdryer will contribute to damaging your hair so try to avoid using blowers as much as possible.

Hair is very important factor in looking good. To look great, we must properly take care of our hair regularly. We can achieve this by starting with a healthy lifestyle because as i said earlier, the hair is the reflection of our inner health and personality. Take care of your self and you take care of your hair. Enjoy!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Tips on How to Look Taller With Your Clothes

Most of us specially woman, no matter what our height, want to look taller. Also being taller makes your body slimmer and sexier. And believe it or not you can do it at your own with just some easy-to-do clothing tricks. Just follow these simple tips to achieve at least a 1 – 2 inches added to you height.

Tip No.1 – Wear clothes at the same family of colors.
This tip is very effective to look taller. Wear an organize color of clothes from head to toe. Dark colors are best in this kind of trick. Black and brown together is just fine. But to achieve optimum result, wear with the same color of clothes. I know you might thinking that you may look boring with your monochromatic clothes. If your not comfortable on this, my best tip for you is to try add some accessories to accentuate your look. Just add some textures than can highlight your appearance. Possibilities were endless.

Tip No.2 – Add some Vertical Lines Pattern on your look.
This is the most popular and well known tips i know to look taller. Vertical stripes not only make you look taller, but they make you look slimmer as well. Just be creative on wearing them and dont over do it. Thankfully colorful striped clothes are very trendy nowadays so dont hesitate to wear some.

Tip No.3 – Choose a clothes that fits right on your body
Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight on your body. This will only make you look much shorter because you just exposing the true frame of your body. Buy a size of your clothes that fits on your body well, not the one that literally just exact for you. Dont be afraid on loose clothing because it wont make you appear smaller but instead it does the opposite way. It have a much more slimming effect and also will add height on you.

Tip No.4 – The V-Neck Illusion
Wearing V-Neck clothes can make your neck look longer, consequently making an illusion that you look taller. It does not only make you taller but wearing this clothes also makes you look sexier and slimmer. Just be careful on the color that you will wear.

As you can see, altitude has a lot to do with attitude, and just choosing the right clothes can really help to boost your height. As a summary, before you buy some clothes, consider the size, color, patterns and the style of it. Just be creative and confidence in wearing those as a foundation in looking gorgeous. Finally as my last tip, hang out hang out with people shorter than you! Enjoy!