Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hair Color Tips For Your Hairstyle

We all know that hair is very important for all of us as a part of our visual presentation and not only are the right cut and style important but the right color can greatly change the total appearance as well. Certain shades go better with certain skin tones, eye colors, and clothing. There are many ways to enhance looks with different hues, highlights, lowlights, and other techniques to add something to the hairstyle. So i made this very useful tips on how you can achieve optimum result in coloring your hair.

First of all, i will discussed the different types of hair coloring products that can be use.
1. Permanent Hair Color
This makes a permanent change in the pigment of the hair shaft. It does not wash out. It will fade in time, but cannot be simply removed to bring back your natural color. Just take note that this is a job which should be left to the Pros Only! And also it is expensive and is hard on the hair to varying degrees.
2. Single Process Color
Single process means that the color is lifted and deposited in one step.
3. Semi-Permanent
It can cover gray and go darker, but cannot lighten. It lasts varying lengths of time depending on the product. Suitable for amateur colorists.
4. Deposit Only Color
These are very user friendly and usually condition and color the hair in one step.
The very popular were glazes or translucent colors are among the easiest to start with to enhance your color.

Tips Before and After Coloring
1. Before coloring:
The first thing you will do is to wash your hair with a good kind of shampoo for you to remove pollutants of your hair. Do not use conditioner or shampoo/conditioner mixtures available in single bottle. Conditioner will interfere with the dye bonding to your hair. If your scalp is soft and sensitive or your hair damaged or dry, wait about a day after washing to bleach or use permanent dye.
2. While coloring:
Follow the mixing instructions exactly as given. Use protective gloves and an old towel, especially when you are new to hair coloring. To keep the dye off your skin, you could put creamy gel like Vaseline around your hairline and it's better don't get it in your hair though, or it will unnecessarily bother your hair coloring process.
3. After coloring:
To make your coloring to last longer, rinse your hair in lemon based solution immediately after dyeing. This raises the strength of the hair color. Another tip is to add two spoons of hair color to your regular conditioner after each shampoo. Leave it on three to five minutes and rinse it with warm water. This replenishes the color that was washed out.

Remember that changing the color of your hair is not a bad thing, just make sure to follow manufacturers instructions. Also the advice of some professional hairstylist will be a big help, so try to consult if you have time. Enjoy your new look!

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