Tuesday, January 1, 2008

7 Fashion Trends To Avoid in 2008

Fashion really defines what kind of personality and person you really was but hey, not all the time fashion statement really looks good on you. If your styles are like what i will discuss later, you should think twice before wearing them because it's a no no fashions this year of the rat, 2008.

1. 80's fashion trend

The style of the ‘80s is regaining its popularity, though it should have died with the end of that decade. It was bad the first time around, and it’s going to be just as bad this time. Such a look makes the wearer of this style disaster look like a little boy in a man’s suit. Working tons of gel into your hair to top off this look is also a big no-no, since no woman wants to run her hands through a stiff mane. Plus, if you remember this look, or even wore it the first time around, you should definitely consider this among the fashion trends to avoid in 2008.

2. Overly loose fitting clothes

Clothes that are really loose or baggy make you look sloppy and like a bum. Unless you rap or own your own hip hop label, which you probably don't, then you need to stay away from this fashion mistake. Instead buy clothes that actually fit you. Try experimenting mixing and matching certain cuts and styles until you comes across the perfect fit and look.

3. Shiny shirts and suits a.k.a. Metallics

Just like brightly colored patent leather, the metallics craze is another of a long list of fashion trends to avoid in 2008, and it’s one that should be left to the girls. A gold trench coat can look chic on a woman if it’s not a cheap tone, but on men, it looks corny. Specifically, bronze and gold are two colors that are really difficult for men to pull off. Any large piece of clothing like a coat or sweater will likely look outdated come the following season, and accessories like belts or shoes are usually very odd on men in these two colors.

4. Satin

Satin becomes a trend to avoid in 2008 when you wear it in large blocks. An entire suit made of satin is difficult for many women to pull off, and on a man the effect is way too sleazy, which is usually not the look you’re going for when you don formal wear. The same applies to wearing satin coats. Just in case you needed one more reason; satin is a shiny fabric and will show off all your imperfections if the fabric is cheap or the cut is less than perfect.

5. Ugly colors

You can look like Brad Pitt with the fashion sense of a George Clooney but if you're wearing some ugly colored clothes no one will care who you look like. The color of your clothes needs to compliment your best natural features like eye color, skin tone and body shape.

6. Neon Colors

Since most humans look terrible in neon shades, it’s hard to understand why these colors are even making a comeback. The answer likely lies in the fact that sporting deliberately ugly pieces has been hip for quite some time. And after running out of ugly things to revive, designers hit upon neon as the ugliest of the ‘80s uglies and decided to give it a second chance at life. It’s difficult to incorporate even minute amounts of neon into your wardrobe without appearing like a fashion victim, which makes this a top-shelf trend to avoid in 2008.

7. Novelty Ties, shirts, or boxers

This is another fashion mess that men just don't seem to notice or maybe not care. I would much rather be known for being stylish and a good dresser than the guy who wears shirts with funny sayings on them. So with that, throw out all those clothes with smiley faces, hearts, reindeer, shamrocks, and animal prints and buy something nice.

Now you've been warned on those fashion trends, its up to you know if you want to continues those no no this year or make yourself a hip and jive with the fashion trends of the 2008.

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