Monday, January 28, 2008

2008 Hairstyle Tips for Men

Hairstyle in men are not refined as woman's hairstyles but just like women, men too love experimenting with our hair to complete their hot fashion style.

The hair has become one of men's leading concerns when it comes to hairstyle trends, i know that even you will agree that hair can make or break your entire look, and can be the key element when it comes to looking good. Also the right hairstyle can give you self-confidence and satisfaction. But we must remember that finding the right hairstyle for who you are does take a little effort though, but the results will be worth it in the end. So i made this tips for those mens who seek for the best hairstyle for themselves.

Tip #1: Find A Salon, Not a Barber Shop
Im not really against Barber Shop but based on my experiences on hair cutting, i will recommend to you to go in a Salon -as much as possible exclusive for men Salon- because they offer more treatment and great services like shampoo, blow dry, hair coloring etc. and also you have many options to choose from a variety of hairstyles they offer and by doing this you might be very happy with the result in the end. Another tip that i can give to you is to ask around and find out which stylist or salon your friends or relatives use regularly.

Tip #2: Do Not Ignore Others Suggestions
Remember that you want to look great for others, so try to ask your friends for suggestions of hairstyles that they think looks good on you. But your friends are secondary only, to achieve the best hairstyle ask the experts a.k.a. your hairstylist. They know the best for you. If you dont like it, don't worry, hair always grow back!

Tip #3: Find A Hairstylist Who Cuts You Well
If you really satisfy with the cut of your hairstylist, dont hesitate to come back again in the same salon at the same person. But if you were pissed of on your cut, for God sake dont ever come back, instead seek for another salon. Here's a very effective tip yet awkward on how you will find the perfect salon for you. Just ask. If you see a guy with a good haircut –the style that you want for your hair- dont hesitate to ask him where he get that cut. Just ask him in a polite manner and dont forget to praise his haircut first.

Tip #4: Go In a Salon In the Middle Of The Day
As much as possible, dont go in morning nor in the end of the day on the Salon, the reason for this is that if you go in those time, your hairstylist is not at his/her best condition to cut, the result might be just an average haircut and not a fantastic one. Well the best is in the middle of the day where he/she was already pumped up with already some finished customers. The worst time will be in the end of the day because at this point your hairstylist will be tired and not at his best. So make it a habit to go in the middle of the day.

Tip #5: Communicate Well and Be Good to your hairstylist
A proper communication and a good relation between you and your hairstylist is very helpful to achieve optimum result. When you describe the desired length of your hair, use your hands instead of describing in inches, it's a lot easier to understand by your stylist. As much as possible bring pictures of the desired hairstyle that you've seen in magazines or Internet. Pictures are truly worth a thousand words, so dont be shy to bring a piece.

Tip #6: A good Hairstylist deserve to be rewarded
Lastly, be generous with your hairstylist. Tip well because they will take better care of his clients and do their best efforts to achieve the best cut who tip well, they will think that those clients are taking care of them. And you will be surprised how much more attention you get if you're known to be a great tipper. See the logic?

Well as you can see, achieving the best hairstyle is not that easy as going in a salon, sit in a chair and walk home. It takes a lot of planning and effort. And i hope that this tips help you solve your problem. Enjoy!

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