Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tips on Finding The Perfect Pair of Jeans

http://images.honewatson.comDenim Jeans are always a hit on every season, from the hat on your head to the shoes on your feet, and yet finding the perfect pair of jeans still overwhelms us. Jeans for ladies come in different styles and tastes. There are some basic styles for you to choose depending on your body shapes and curves and how you want to look for yourself. Here are they:

Tight jeans - If you have the curves, go for it! Those with slender legs should try it. It makes you look slim and sexy.

Cuffed jeans - If you love casual look, casual jeans gives you the style. Also suitable to wear on beach. But avoid them if your a short legged lady.

Low-rise jeans - Low-rise jeans will make you look slim. Best for long legged woman. They show off a shapely butt nicely. However, please make sure you wear a low-cut panty within.

Classic dark jeans - These are decent, neat and classy. The dark colours make a person look slimmer and legs longer. So it's best for short legged ladies out there.

Embellished jeans - If you want and love to party, Embellished jeans is suitable for you.

Baggy jeans - If your a conservative type woman then wear this kind of jeans. They do not show off your body curves because they are loose fitting but comfy. They are suitable to be worn on a shopping spree.

Denim rules
1. Consider jeans the way you would a pair of work trousers — they are alterable. Custom jeans are becoming more and more popular.

2. They are a great blank canvas. You can try out trends by paring(?) them with jeans rather than trying to do a whole trend “look.”

3. If you find a great-fitting pair, always buy two: one to wear with flats and one to wear with heels.

4. Jeans can work on all women, no matter what age, size, etc. — but not all styles work for all women. Wear a style because it's flattering, not just because it's trendy.

Here are some tips on choosing the right pair of jeans:

1. Know your size before shopping for a pair of jeans as it can be annoying trying to find the right size.

2. Try on a lot of pairs! Select many different styles, and bring them into the dressing room at the same time, so that you can compare. Choose a style that is right for your body type.

3. When you try them on, see if they are easy to get on. Also check if they are too loose or too tight.

4. Walk around and see if they are easy to walk in?

5. Try bending down and see if they go too low and if they are easy to bend down in?

6. Check the price. Good jeans normally come at a price. However, consider how much you are willing to spend and spend within your budget.

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