Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Most Common Fashion Mistakes Part II

Here's now the second part of my Most Common Fashion Mistakes. In the part I, i discuss about colors, shoes and make-up mistakes, now i will discuss accessories, undergarments and hairstyle common mistakes.

1. Accessories

Wearing accessories is important most especially if you are wearing something simple because the embellishments actually accent your outfit.

A. Too Many Accessories
A common mistake that many people commit though is wearing too much of them. Keep accessories to a minimum. Button or hoop earrings are acceptable for a daytime look. For an evening, make one piece, e.g. chandelier earrings or embellished purse, a key element and keep the rest of accessories neutral.

B. Using the wrong accessories.
Finish off with accessories that match your style and don’t over do it. For example with necklaces choose the correct length. Short chains and chokers tend to make your neck appear larger. If you are going out in evening wear make sure your handbag is sleek, small and coordinated, a big slouchy bag will totally ruin the look.

2. Undergarments

Having a lot of various cheap odd stuff in your closet won’t make you a fashionista. Selecting the wrong undergarments is also fashion mistake. Choose the right underwear.

A. Choosing the wrong undergarments.

Celebrities get stuffed and tucked into heavy-duty body trimmers, push-up bras, even sticky tape to look good in designer dresses for the red carpet. Just think what the right bra or support-top pantyhose could do for us mere mortals. In addition to gravity-defying bras and body slimmers that eliminate lumps and bumps, there are other tricks of the trade.

B. Revealing plain white or black bra straps and thongs

Some underwear just looks better inside. No matter how expensive your plain white sports bra is, keep it concealed. Same applies to transparency level of your clothes: wear white or bra with white shirts and black/colored bras with black ones, and not vice versa.

C. Size
Buy the correct size in your undergarments. The right bra, panties and pantyhose make a big difference in how your body looks under your clothes. Stores such as Victoria's Secret can measure you to find the correct size of bra you need. Wear the right size to reduces lines, bulges and sagging.

3. Hairstyle

Don't color your entire hair again and again. At the salon, the stylist has likely lightly retouched the roots when they have grown through and then refreshed the ends. By doing the entire hair repeatedly the color can be uneven and the ends are over-porous. Then the ends will become dried out, making them harder to style and easier to split. Try to apply the color only to the new growth of roots, spread the color through the rest of the hair just briefly (only a few minutes), then shampoo out.

A. Hair Styling products
Use the right styling product for your hair-type. If you have fine hair and you are trying to avoid the flat look, then why do you apply heavy gel which only serve to had weight? Gel is best used thinly at the roots to lift the hair, then comb it outward to reduce frizzy hair and to give you a wet look. Always hold the can of hairspray at least a foot from your head and use momentary spritzes to once more "encourage" results, rather than to drench and cause build-ups. If the product does not seem to be working, maybe your chosen style isn't suitable for you.

B. Wrong Hair Style For Your Face Shape
1. Oval face: You could wear you hair from short to long, which ever suits your life-style.
2. Round face: A short hairstyle swept back from the face will give you more height and fullness.
3. Rectangular/oblong face: With this shaped face, it is recommended to avoid long hair.
4. Square face: Short and medium length hairstyles are best suited keeping away from long hair.
5. Heart shaped face: Stay away from short hair.
6. Triangular face: This shape suits hair worn either short or tied at the nape.
7. Diamond face: If you have this shaped face, you're one of the lucky ones that can wear any length of hair and look fabulous.

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