Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Most Common Fashion Mistakes Part I

I know we all want the same thing, to look great! Right? Nothing can spoil your look more than a conspicuous fashion faux pas. Unfortunately, there are some fashion errors that we might not be aware of, but that we might practice. So for the benefit of all the readers out there, i will points out the most common fashion mistakes and how not only for woman, but also for men and how to avoid them.

1. The Color Issue
A. Wearing the wrong colors
All skin tones among us are not created equal. To look your best, choose wardrobe colors that complement your skin. Wearing the wrong colors will make your skin appear sallow and lines and wrinkles will be more evident. The lime green or hot pink that you saw on the runways may look fabulous on the models, but horrible on you. Experiment with different colors and stick with the palettes that look best on you. Don't waste your money on clothes that make you look pale, sallow, jaundiced, or washed out.
B. Wearing red and green at the same time.
Honestly, you will look like a Christmas tree. Red and green are two of the colors that you absolutely must avoid wearing together. These colors completely clash, so just stay clear. Also, it’s best to stay away from green and red makeup. If you decide to go for a green eyeshadow, don’t put on a bright red lipstick. Instead, opt for a clear gloss or a nude color.
C. Wearing too many Colors.
A common fashion mistake is using too many colors. As a general rule wear up to three colors only, for a easy on the eye coordinated look.

2. The Shoes
A. Dirty shoes.
It would be bad enough if you had shoes that were out of style, or didn’t match with your outfit, but if you have dirty shoes, you’re making a big fashion faux pas. Make sure to keep your shoes in style, according to your outfit, and most importantly, clean!
B. Bulky shoes with feminine dress.
A floral, feminine dress should never be paired with bulky shoes such as thick platforms. This kind of dress deserves a pair of soft, delicate shoes. Anything with a small heel, and even wedges and espadrilles.
C. Messy Shoes
Take care of your shoes, for they complete your look. Also ensure that your shoes complement your outfit.
D. Rundown shoes
You look great...from the ankles up. If your shoes have seen better days, find a good shoe repair shop and put them in for some TLC. Polish them regularly. Use a felt tip marker on scuffs, and put a piece of soft carpet under your feet when you drive. And most importantly, invest in a good pair if you're going to wear them every day. Don't buy them at the Five and Dime and then wonder why they don't last.
E. Clothing & Shoes Should Match.
Keep your clothing and shoes in the same color unless using black which goes with anything. Don't ever make the mistake of mismatching light and dark colors i.e. dark clothes and light shoes and vice versa.

3. Make-Up
A. Too much makeup
Too much makeup creates a harsh look and makes lines appear deeper. Keep your daytime makeup light and evening makeup a little darker. If you are unsure of makeup application techniques, see a professional. Many popular cosmetic counters at your local department store will provide a free makeup session.
B. Inappropriate makeup
Light for day, heavier for evening, sheer for sports or other strenuous pursuits. You wear different clothes for different activities in you life; your makeup should change as well. And if you're still doing Cleopatra eyes, it's time to turn the page and see what's happening THIS century in makeup styles.

These fashion mistakes tend to come from people not accepting their body type and wearing the latest fashion because its popular. To look your best, always be true to yourself and you will present a stylish confident look that will create the right impression for all occasions.
So here sums up the Part I of my Most Common Fashion Mistakes. Better Watch out for more of this later on my posts.

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