Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pamela Love's jewelries – It definitely disturbs you.

Pamela Love, a designer who made a strong impact on fashion lover’s with her own unique jewelry designs. At first began her career as an artist’s assistant, an art director and stylist for photo shoots, music videos, and films etc... And while working, she could not find jewelries of her taste. And then she began to make jewelries of her own taste and creativity.

Her jewelry pieces mostly symbolize love, death, animals, nature, music etc…At an interview, she opens about it.

“I have always loved animals and nature very much and feel that they have a magical power.   I am interested in creating jewelry that i feel a spiritual connection to. Animals, nature, love, religion, music, life, death and all these things are a part of this.” 

She produced custom jewelry for HBO's hit TV show, True Blood, Which hits the best of most. Her collections like crow skull necklaces, rings, Eagle claw hand accessories are the most popular ones. She considers, making a jewelry piece is an artwork and she makes it as a painting. And in future, she plan for new jewelry collections and collaborations. 

At last thing, Fashion things should be reachable and in universal budget. Pamela Love's jewelries are attracted by the most but all of them can’t own it, because of its high cost and availability of them on selected stores. Anyhave, try to wear it at least once.

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