Monday, December 21, 2009

About Us SOVA Collection

History of SOVA Collection

Going on holiday to Jamaica 2006, we wanted holiday clothes and struggled because there was just nothing suitable for me, being tall and slightly bulging at the waist, for my daughter who just can’t keep still, requires flexibility in her clothing and finally my wife who has a classical taste in style even with casual clothes.

My wife who didn’t pick up her scissors and tape measure for over year, decided enough was enough running around in circles looking for clothes that just didn’t cut it, decided to do it herself.

Searching for haberdasheries was very difficult, finding a fabric store was even worse, but with perseverance we managed to find all that was needed.

The only item that was missing was an industrial sewing machine, for which again I searched all over the place for one, as the dominance of domestic sewing machines was so much that trying to find an industrial sewing machine was almost an impossible task, but again we toiled until we got success.

Well we went to Jamaica, Ocho Rios, and we wore those clothes with such ease and comfort in the searing heat. The style and the material fitted the environment of the clear blue sea and the almost bleached sand for which our daughter merrily jumped climbed and played on the beach everyday.

After the holiday, we decided that such was the enjoyment of our holiday and the feeling of ease and comfort of wearing our clothes in the steamy hot atmosphere of Jamaica, we decided to carry the feeling of confidence and satisfaction of wearing clothes and showing off a style that no one had into a business fronted by her family name SOVA.

Co owner Jana is the designer and myself Co owner Kevin.
We decided that if we are to make this business work our vision which is to “create a boutique that revolutionised the sixties”, with no restraints of the dominant high street stores.

To develop and evolve our own style of designs to excite and encourage people to shake the shackles of age and wear what makes you feel good about yourself, to be that individual, people look and wonder where did you get your dress from, I’ve not seen it in any high street store?

Yes that’s right you’ll only find that style of distinction at SOVA collection. When I shop for something I expect to get full attention and when I decide to buy, I want to be listened too when I have an issue and for my problems to be resolved to make me feel like making a purchase.

Quality should not been compromised, there’s nothing worse than getting home to find that the item you chose, tried on is damaged.

I want to transpose the experience and standards I expect my self when I shop at a store to be treated as an important paying customer, my purchase is as I expect it to be and in pristine condition, packed well and if there are any issues, I expect that the person on the other end of the phone will treat me well and resolve my issue as quickly as possible, with no restrictions and no bad attitude.

I want to feel that I have a friend at hand if there are any issues at the end of the phone, to listen to me and to resolve the issue with no fuss.

It’s important to have these steps at every point of a buying experience.

We have a breakthrough becoming a member of a Fashion portal called Fashion Capital. They help aspiring designers with resources and advice in the fashion industry.

This is where we were given the opportunity to showcase our fashion line at the London ExCel, billed as UK’s biggest fashion event of 2009, The London Clothes show.

From 29 - 31 May 2009 ExCeL, London was transformed into a fashion and beauty haven hosting an outstanding selection of high street, designer and boutique brands as well as a unique selection of hair and beautx products to preen visitors in their thousands.

This is just what London has been waiting 20 years for the largest fashion and beauty event is coming to the capital!

This was an opportunity to acid test our products and to collect valuable data from the public. As it was we collected good feedback along with constructive criticism, for which we have learned a great deal.

The biggest trait we have learned is to listen to people and their sensitive requirements and to implement them into our style of delivery fashion design.

In fact inspiration has been the innovative drive that has given our company the know how in producing garments that will suit most people because we want to give people a sense of individualism to look and feel different in a positive way.

Our philosophy is grounded by the wants and requirements of people that demand creativity and sense of seeing something different, the arms in a top made a little longer, the length of a skirt covering the knees, the neckline open and not closed. These are thoughts of people that help us focus and shape new creations.

We value feedback because it’s the yardstick that we need to constantly keep us in line with people’s requirements and to strive to raise the quality that is expected for everyone to feel when they dress in our garments.

But most of all listening is the best tool to use when it comes to diversity. So often parents at school, how they would like their children to have a variety in the style of clothes wear, colours and flexibility always mentioned.

Plus size women are beautiful in personality and graceful in honesty. We want to reflect that trait with clothing designs that exemplify their bright demeanour.

Our garments are manufactured in the UK and last at least for 2 seasons. Value for money is important, especially these days, quality, longevity and comfort are the underline features we expect to give people to enjoy when create and make our fashion line.

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