Sunday, December 13, 2009

3 Tips on Choosing the Right Perfume for You

With thousands of fragrances on the market can sometimes be difficult to choose one that is perfect for your taste, personality, opportunities, and other factors. Look at the following basic tips that you may find useful in choosing, even wearing the perfect perfume for you.

1st Determine your budget.

Perfumes are priced very large range from inexpensive to luxury designer brand Cologne. Determine its budget, or the money you are willing to spend in advance will help to narrow it down and save you a lot of time.

2nd Know what you want, especially smell and go for it.

Decide on what type of fragrance you want on the basis of what perfume is to apply for you. For example, for a special occasion? It is a please or seduce a lover? It's for everyday washing and wear? If you plan to someone please make sure that research on a special scent he likes. If you want to breath every day you can wear to work or school, you may want to buy a lighter, fresher scent. If it's for large parties and festive events, select the perfume, which is stronger impact blending well with your body chemistry.

Other factors such as weather or season are also important to consider. For example, if you live in a very humid environment, floral aroma with a woody and musky base often supplemented humid weather. If you are often surrounded by a lot of people in the immediate vicinity, do not choose a very strong perfume, because not everyone likes perfume. Citrus, sea breeze and other herbs and floral fragrances are often fresh and rejuvenating, ideal for someone on the road. If you are on a date and want to increase the romance, choose a scent that is a bit stronger, but not overbearing. Usually oriental spices project confidence and sophistication. Meanwhile, aromatic compounds are ideal for men who like to smell like a real person with a negative masculinity and safety.

3rd Carefully consider before purchasing.

When you have finally narrowed down your choices and you're ready to go to the store perfume, remember to carefully examine every perfume you fancy before getting ahead and purchase. Take note that your nose can handle so much and then for 20 perfume proves to be futile. Before you start spraying perfume on the wrist, first spray the card or paper and decide if you like. If not, go to the next. Once you find a scent you think it is ideal to start testing it on your body. Apply a small amount of the wrist or the back of the arm. Sometimes salesgirl offered to use some of your skin and you feel. This is a no-no, because each of us reacts to the perfume in different ways. Make sure that the perfume is for you that firsthand. Wait a few minutes, because the smell started to grow on you and smell different after a while.

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