Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Can't wait for spring! Fashionistas get ready for the change of season with floral prints and high hemlines

Always eager for the season to change, the fashion forward can't wait to get out of their winter layers and warm up to spring's ice cream tones.
Most B-town fashionistas are already being spotted in spring's trademark trends from vibrant colours, floral prints, high hemlines, flowing silhouettes and enough skin to compliment them all.
Even the makeup is going from harsh and warm to light and translucent.

Most importantly the stiff body language that makes winter a time for arrogant luxe is giving way to more easy breezy ways.
British Vogue's February edition has a model posing in a printed blouse, wearing tousled bob, orange lips and the brightest smile on the cover.

That is the thing about the arrival of spring; If winter is the time to cover up and cold shoulder others with a high-fashion frown, the advent of spring is marked by loosening up with easy fashion and a free body language.
Flat thong sandals and strappy pumps replace patent leather boots, floor-sweeping maxis take over military jackets and faux fur wraps and a sense of relax and calm prevails over an uptight air.
Lifestyle welcomes the advent of spring that is creeping in in doses even when the chilly air refuses to relent. Thank goodness for the fashion forward who rarely bring about a warm change of events.

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