Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Art of Manipulating Fabric

The possibilities for three-dimensional manipulation of fabric-gathering, pleating, tucking, shirring, and quilting woven materials are seemingly endless. To describe them all would be to describe the entire history of sewing.

In the The Art of Manipulating Fabric, Collete wolf has sent her self just this task and she succeeds brilliantly. Working from the simplest possible form a flat piece of cloth and a threaded needle she categorizes all major dimensional techniques, shows how they are related, and gives examples of variations both traditional and modem. The result is an encyclopedia of techniques that resurface, reshape, restructure and reconstruct fabric.

- More than 350 diagrams support the extensive how to organized into broad general categories, then specific sub-techniques.
- Handsome photo galleries showcase the breathtaking possibilities in each technique and aid visual understanding by emphasizing the sculptured fabric surface with light and shadow.
- Textile artist and quilters, as well as garment and home decor sewers, will expand their design horizons with the almost limitless effects that can be achieved.

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