Friday, September 25, 2009

Four of the Best: Silk Tie Designers of England

Despite an increasingly casual, silk ties are still seen as an important icon of style. Celebrating traditional creative talents in fashion and hand craft designed a series of key tie designers lead the way when it comes to luxury neckties for men. Famous names of Vivienne Westwood, Timothy Everest, Richard James, and Babette Wasserman are considered in more detail later.

Vivienne Westwood began designing in 1971, together with Malcolm McLaren, when London was at the forefront of fashion. The award winning design is a leader of fashion for all ages that spans across many generations. Has an OBE for his contribution to the British Fashion Industry and was also given the Queen's Award for Export. Vivienne Westwood has designed a range of silk ties that were created for fashion experts who enjoy new spin on classic designs. Vivienne has also designed clothing, socks, scarves and cufflinks, all designed with features that add a dash of fun and irony to any outfit.

Timothy Everest bonds are outstanding. He is one of the leaders of the new movement to measure and has spent the last 10 years shows a new generation of men, the joys of clothing tailored. His apprenticeship with Tommy Nutter has allowed him to dodge the formalness Savile Row, while using his exceptionally high standard craftsmanship. Timothy's 350 silk ties end (350 threads per inch heavy silk) are some of the constraints of better quality you will ever wear ... well done with an attention to detail.

In little more than a decade the name of James Richard 'has become synonymous with the best aspects of men's style of today: from setting up the elite of Hollywood for his use of color in bold. Since the company was founded in 1992 (by Richard James and Sean Dixon), who has collected a number of major fashion awards (including Designer of the Year by the British 'GQ' and Menswear Designer of the Year by the British Fashion Council). Richard James tailor-made services are second to none, and the label now has a growing selection of off-the-peg clothing second only to the measure.

Richard James fact accessories are becoming a major talking point on the fashion scene in London. Richard James ties are handmade in England with exclusive fabrics and silk high count to ensure that each node tie will give years of good age and make a perfect game with a shirt by Richard James.

Developed at Central St. Martin's College of Art in Central London, Babette Wasserman is famous for its unique design and versatile. He launched his label jewelry and cufflinks set in 1997. Considered by many popular designers such as unusual fashion accessories, stylish and innovative; Babette Wasserman silk ties found in some of the finest shopping around the world. Look out for his collection of gift box well presented in September by offering pure silk ties with a pair of twins of luxury. The favorite is his special bond that is commonly associated with Black Skull with Jet Black Punk Stud twins.

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