Saturday, July 18, 2009

Losing Weight

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Hi All,
I have been pondering whether to write this article or not, I decided too because I am fed up with the mixed messages people are getting regarding being over weight on the internet.

You’ve seen the ads I was this size when I started and now after 2 months I am this size after applying, whatever the gimmick is as advertised.

I am overweight myself and I have tried all sorts of lifestyle changing diets and exercises. When you go on the internet, there is a lot of sensationalising of products that will do all the work for you and take off those pounds that are hindering your life.

I am not condoning or blaming all companies, as there are some good products out there to help aid you in losing weight.

The problem is that many people are in a situation like myself overweight, suffering from many ailments, such as heartburn, feeling queasy, but the worst of these feeling 24/7 bloated (fig 1).

I went to the doctor when I had been ill with the flu, only for the doctor to pinpoint the fact I look overweight, then all was concentrated on my overweight condition, “when did you last have a mini health check”?

Oh no here we go, “your blood pressure is abnormally high, let’s book you in to have a blood test and check your blood count”.

I only came in for a check for my flu symptoms! Now this doctor is publicising the fact that I am overweight and most of my illness is due to the weight.

The results are in and I am told that my blood pressure is a worry, but most of my blood count results were good. But the doctor told me to change my lifestyle and the food I eat.

But as a precursor anyone that is thinking of or going to have a lifestyle change should see your doctor first before you start. It is good to have a check like this to give you a history of your current condition.

The annoying thing here is that I changed my food habit and started exercising in a gym again. I started to lose weight and then, to my disappointment I started to put weight back on?

What was going on, I have cut out a lot of sugar based foods and cut down on my calorie intake, supplemented by my attendance at the gym. At that moment I became despondent and gave up!

Well what else could I do, I cut down on my food intake and train and my body is still no worse off and to cap it all I still feel bloated!

The moment of no return came when I needed to use my suit, I couldn’t believe it I have blown up like a balloon and I now can’t fit my suit, I don’t know what size I am I am fed up and I feel sick all the time.

I am virtually at am impasse! What the hell do I do, I am feeling my heart palpitations more and I know my blood pressure is high, what’s happening to me?

If I seek information on the website all I am surrounded by is the amazing use of diet pills, pills and more pills!

That was not good enough for me, I wanted to know why I was ill and why I was continually bloated to all proportions.

I found information about the production of food and what food additives side effects on humans are.

I also through research found out all the symptoms I was suffering from and why. In all I answered the question that NO ONE would admit too which is all foods we are eating have varying amount of chemicals and toxins in the form of additives and food colourings.

So I know now what can be causing my problems, my stomach feeling like an acid bath continuingly bubbling away and causing me nothing but discomfort. My question is how do I tackle this?

Again I have done research about this and found that in order for the many diets and gymnasium regimes to work I need to start my lifestyle change from within.

When you see on the Internet websites citing that you should workout and get a six pack to be fit, please shun this it’s pure bu****t? Sorry for the profanity!

When I here people telling me they measure a person’s fitness by the size of their six pack, I just shake my head in disbelieve!

To the many people out there who have given up and are disillusioned, fitness starts from inside out.

You will need to start by detoxifying your body. Now when I say detox I don’t mean buying rubbish products that have laxative ingredients in its content.

In essence you will need to start undoing what you have allowed yourself to put your body through. You will need to do a colon cleanse

This will entail flushing the digestive system of all the accumulated toxins that have built up over the years in your stomach.

Also to enable effective flushing you will also need to PH balance your digestive system as by now acid build up would be the main cause of your heartburn and queasiness.

To follow the routine of this takes 3 days to do a colon flush. When I did this I wanted to clean my system completely out, so I did the three days water fast.

Not all of you will have the will power to drink water; instead you can drink fresh fruit. Just to be on the safe side check with your doctor.

Remember this is just the beginning of your recovery, once you have finished your detox, you will really need to make drastic changes with the food you eat, because you will start to feel yourself again, your senses will kick in again and you will be more aware of what you eat.

Knowledge of the foods that affect us is what you need to know in order for you to make informed changes to your new lifestyle change to the food you will be consuming.

Now that you have made these changes, you will need to balance these changes with exercises at the gymnasium to help your body promote your body to maximise your metabolism to what it should be doing effectively.


Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories to sustain life. Your body burns calories 24 hours a day, everyday regardless of whether or not you workout.

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