Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Plus Size Women Dress Stylish Too

I have recently been to the Clothes Show London ExCel, where the feedback was overwhelmingly in favour of plus size women.
We had on display a lot of Boutique clothing which in description are one off designs, contemporary classics with a “twist”.
Many of the clothing were sparkling with Swarovski stones that added glamour to our outfits. Many women visited and all they could see was size 12 – 14.
The answers we got after a fairly long browse was “do you have this in larger sizes”, you know the answer to that, a disappointing NO. We had colour, style, but not the right size.
After the Clothes Show we decided to do some plus size pieces. There are many women out there who for me drive a vanity and style that’s missing amongst others.
I don’t understand why other stores and manufactures advertise plus size and the fact that they have large supplies of clothing.
But to the disappointment to a lot of ladies, what is offered is a load of drab looking lifeless coloured clothes.
For some reason when it comes to plus size, that maybe the case but where there are large sizes, there are less variety. When your choices are between beige and dark beige, you know you're in a plus sized store.
“I learnt a lot about the challenges faced by plus size women when it comes to lack of variety”.
I know there are many women who see clothes in the mainstream that they like, but for some reason, they left out the creativity for plus sizes and ingeniously created the dullest creation of clothes, making it either a one size fits all or confusion to max with the size coding.
It’s about time Boutiques like us should break from the pack and create something a bit special, a bit daring, full of life with pastel colours, but most of all the Avant-Garde of all plus size clothes, to compliment one body.
Can you comment on the above as your input is important to know that we will be producing the right style and feel to the garments that we want to create.
This can only be achieved by learning from your comments whether they are negative or positive as they matter very much.


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