Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring Fashion Trends

spring fashion image2008 spring fashion breathes life into a sombre world. The fantasy world of fashion provides us with some respite. Fashion runways burst into color. The look this season is breezy. Cheerful. An escape from the dreary world outside.

Here are a list of new and latest spring fashion trends this 2008

1. Prints

With the arrival spring, an array of mind-boggling prints prevail. From solid graphic color-block styles to an flurry of tiny colorful graphic shapes. Psychedelic prints to simple blocks of color are among the hot looks this season.

Florals too bloom everywhere. On skirts, dresses and even tops. For women and even the men, where resortwear is concerned.

Then there are the animal prints. Though not as prevalent as graphic prints and florals, animal prints are back, giving primal appeal to accessories as well as tops and dresses.

2. Color

Spring brings more than candy-colored brights. Colors in general are breezier. White, gray and taupe, tan and khaki have taken over as the neutral shades of the season. Colors may be muted or bright as in canary yellow, red, pink, lime green and every color under the sun. The rule is if it looks great on you, no matter how bright it might be, wear it.

3. Pregnancy Inspired Clothing

This isn't a style I particularly like but on a slender figure, if the material is luxurious enough, it can look good. Loose, comfortable dresses in silky fabrics seem to the thing to wear this season. Thankfully, belts are allowed, so if that loose dress makes you look fat, belt it with a wide belt. The difference can be amazing.

4. Sugar and Spice and All Girly Things

Spring brings out the Lolita look. Grown women dress like little girls with ruffles, frills and tiers which instead of looking ridiculous, when done right, look ultra-feminine.

Ruffles are everywhere. Along the neckline, which can provide a boost up there for women with smaller bustlines. Tiered skirts with ruffles from hips down are very flattering for women with narrow hips, giving them the illusion of curvier hips. The trick is to use frills, ruffles and tiers to fill out the curves you wish you had.

Always remember to update your look every time new season will arrive. Dont be afraid to try new things and always wear clothes that fit to your body. Help it helps. Enjoy!

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